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10x 1ft long heavy duty gazebo tent pegs commercial grade steel

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10x 1ft Long Heavy Duty Gazebo Tent Pegs.
Each Tent peg measures 1ft long.

Unbreakable, rust resistant and not easy to bend.

They are heavy and solid and can be pounded in the hardest soil and stand up to the pressure.

Keep your large tents, canopies and tarps secure with heavy duty gazebo tent pegs.

You can use them in areas that would bend most other stakes, more durable than lightweight ones.

Perfect choice for camping, hiking etc.

Sharp tip gives tent stakes excellent penetration.

The large flat head that can be pounded through just about anything.

There are tie-off spots as well as the head of the nail sticking up about an inch which makes it really convenient to tighten up a rope loop.

Length: 12 inch

Weight: 0.35 lb

Diameter: 0.4 inch

Material: S45C steel