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Hercules Portable 2 in 1 Butane Gas Camping Heater / Stove Combo

Butane gas canisters can be purchased separately from the listing’s drop down menu.
With a focus on safety, our simple-to-use compact and powerful Butane 2 in 1 Combo Heaters are an ideal cooking / Heating companion for multiple leisure activities including fishing, camping & BBQ to name just a few.
Please don’t get confused with cheaper inferior models being sold online. Many sellers offer this type of heater without CE certification so are not built to UK safety standards.
Another big bonus with our Hercules combo heaters is the fact that the heater can be adjusted to lay completely flat to be used as a cooking stove, other cheaper versions of this heater can not be used as a stove as they do not have this unique feature.
CE Certified
Unlike many similar looking heaters for sale online, our heaters are CE certified and are equipped with double sealed valve, overpressure protection, incorrect cartridge placement prevention.
Durable high temperature resistant aluminium burner resulting in better heat dissipation and greater firepower. Controllable economical flame that can also run on the low setting without risk of it going out.
Upgraded Dual Use. (Copper valve adapter included).
Unlike cheaper inferior heaters being sold online which are mostly non CE certified to UK safety standards and run solely on small butane canisters, our Hercules heaters gives you the choice of running on compact butane canisters or big butane tanks. For a much more economical use, simply screw the supplied adapter into the side of the heater and connect your regulator hose from your butane tank.
Quality Materials
Made of tough enamel coated finish steel, it is durable and corrosion-resistant.
Swivel body, great for emergency heating or can be used as a cooking stove.
Energy Saving.
Runs on butane canisters or Big butane tanks (adapter supplied).
The energy-gathering combustion plate with the addition of stainless steel brackets, absorbs heat faster and conducts heat more efficiently.
Three Dimensional Oxygen Supply System.
The unique multi directional air supply structure drives the fuel to the burner more effectively without the waste of gas, creating a fuller hotter flame to reduce cooking times.
Auto Piezo Ignition, no matches needed.
Color: Black
Power: 1.3KW (4435 btu)
Gas consumption: 100g/hr Net weight: 2.2Kg
Basically, using butane camping stoves indoors is discouraged for safety reasons. However, it is still possible as long as you follow several safety rules. The first thing you need to ensure is proper ventilation and the use of a carbon monoxide detector as inhaling butane gas or carbon monoxide poses a serious health risk.

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Portable heater ONLY, Portable heater + 4x butane gas, Portable heater + 8x butane gas