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Eva Mat interlocking soft foam
Eva mats

Eva Mat interlocking soft foam mat (Black/Grey)


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EVA soft foam mats.
Black / Grey colour
Interlocking jigsaw tiles.
Each Eva mat comes with four edge strips.
25mm thickness.
Size: 1m x 1m x 25mm

EVA tiles are made from high-quality, closed-cell (non-absorbing) EVA foam, which is 100% non-toxic and formamide free. Unique convex double cross pattern on the surface makes the mat waterproof and non-slip.

All EVA mats are tested at source to REACH EU guidelines.

The EVA tiles are extremely popular in multi-use areas, and areas with a lot of foot traffic, especially play rooms, exhibitions, schools and nurseries to protect against trips and falls on hard floors. They are very quick and easy to lay, (No tools required)

EVA mats are very comfortable for working and exercising.
They can absorb noise, which is an added advantage.
EVA Mat Soft foam ensures good grip on ground as it has an anti-slip property.
They can be cleaned very easily so these are widely used in gyms.
EVA Mats are water resistant (non-absorbing) which is why they last long.
EVA Mats are 100% non-toxic and formamide free.
Shore hardness 40-45 degrees.
Density 100kg per CBM.

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1x mat, 4x mats, 8x mats, 12x mats, 16x mats, 20x mats, 25x mats