Hercules Gazebo®️ 2x 15kg heavy duty cast iron leg weights


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2x 15kg weights per set.

Our 15kg marquee weights are the ultimate solution when it comes to keeping your marquee or gazebo safe and secure in windy weather.

In our experience, 99% of damage that ever happens to a marquee is caused by it not being weighed down correctly using marquee weights, with a breeze or gust coming along and lifting the marquee up. This is extremely dangerous as once a marquee becomes unsecured, it is a very large object travelling uncontrollably towards people.

Our cast iron gazebo leg weights are easy to use, easy to transport, and extremely durable making them the preferred weighting solution for marquees and pop up gazebos.

Our Gazebo Weight Plates Are Stackable & Interlocking

The gazebo weight plates are also stackable, allowing you to put on as much weight as required for whatever wind conditions you’re intending to be set up in.

There is no general answer to the question “how much weight do I need”, as that completely depends on the amount of wind speed you want your weights to secure your marquee for. The more wind you expect to experience, the more weight you need on your marquee legs.

As the weights stack, we designed our 15kg marquee weights to rotate 180 degrees, interlocking the different gazebo weight plates layers together. This means that the foot plate or marquee leg won’t slip out to the side in wind, and if the marquee does lift up off the ground (if the wind speed exceeds the amount of weight you have on the legs) the plates will stay locked onto the feet.

Peggable Into The Ground & For Tie Off

The marquee weights also have holes in the side to allow for pegging into the ground to prevent sliding. The marquee weights protect against lifting, but by using the pegs in the weights you’re also protecting against sliding forces.

The holes also provide a location to be able to use the weights to tie ropes to. The weights can be used in lieu of pegs when using guy ropes coming off at an angle from the frame.

This may be an option for additional weighting of your marquee in addition to gazebo weight plates on the legs, or should your local council or market organisers require you to secure your marquee further.

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