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Hercules Gazebo®️ 2x 12kg Heavy Duty Cast Iron Leg Weights


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Hercules Gazebo®️ Cast Iron Leg Weights

2x 12kg weights per set.

Cast iron leg weights are the ultimate solution when it comes to keeping your marquee or gazebo safe and secure in windy weather.

99% of damage that ever happens to a gazebo is caused by it not being weighed down correctly.

Cast iron weights are easy to use, easy to transport and extremely durable, making them the preferred weighting solution for gazebos.

Our Gazebo Weight Plates Are Stackable & Interlocking

The gazebo weights can also be stacked. This allows you to put on as much weight as required especially in windy conditions.

How much weight do I need?

The amount of weight required completely depends on the amount of wind speed you want your weights to secure. The more wind you expect to experience obviously the more weight you will need on your gazebo legs.

You should always ensure that your gazebo is sufficiently secured down if being used in bad weather to significantly prevent any accident or damage from occurring.

Peggable Into The Ground & For Tie Off

The gazebo weights have holes in the side to allow for pegging into the ground, preventing movement. The holes also provide a location that allows tie ropes to be attached to the weights.


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