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Hercules Gazebo® Compact Hex40
HEX50 aluminium gazebo Compact
HEX50 aluminium gazebo Compact
HEX50 aluminium gazebo Compact
HEX50 aluminium gazebo Compact
HEX50 aluminium gazebo
HEX50 aluminium gazebo
HEX50 aluminium gazebo

Hercules Gazebo® Compact Hex40 aluminium 3m x 3m (500gsm Polyester)


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Hercules compact Hex 40 aluminium 3m x 3m

The compact size frame of Hercules Gazebo® Compact Hex40 folds away to only 1m length, and was designed to save space and fit inside car boots or where storage space is limited.

500gsm polyester PVC backed material – heat-sealed seams
Includes one zipper panel, two panels with windows, privacy blinds and one plain panel.


EU sourced material.

The polyester material that covers our Hercules Gazebo® Compact Hex40 Aluminium frames is sourced from a Belgium supplier. We are the only U.K. seller offering this material. The material is of very high quality and has undergone a unique fibre dying process, giving the material high anti-fading properties and is M2 flame retardant and fully Waterproof.

Side panels attach securely to the roof panel using 50mm velcro to create a fully waterproof and draft-free connection.

High-quality No5 zippers connect the sides firmly together.

There is no comparison between a cheaper budget gazebo and a Hercules commercial-grade gazebo.

Our Hercules Gazebo® Compact Hex40 Aluminium is a buy-once professional marquee that will last many trouble-free years.

Designed to meet the requirements of the commercial & Domestic markets where storage space is a paramount.


High-profile nut & bolt constructed frame, along with our range-topping 500gsm Polyester PVC backed covers. 100% waterproof, 99% UV stable and entirely flame retardant.


A popular choice for the Gazebo rental Market, city councils, trade shows, motorsports events, market traders etc.

With five height adjustment settings, spring-loaded pull pin rings.

A heavy-duty canvas holdall with wheels.

3m x 3m Compact Series Specifications.

Frame weight :24kg.

Frame size 100 x 28 x 28cm.

Roof material weight 8kg.

Side material weight 17kg.

Total weight 49kg.

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Side Panels

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