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Hercules portable log burner, suitable for camping, glamping, gazebos, garden/garage workshop to name just a few.
Cook up a quick camping snack or boil a kettle directly off the hot plate.
 The log burner has double wing sides for maximum surface area.
Handle with care and make sure to wear heat resistant gloves when handling while hot. Allow to cool before touching with bare hands.
Full glass viewing window and easy access log loading from the stove door.
Ash collection tray for ease of cleaning. Ash rake tool and chimney also included.
The log burner can also quickly be changed over into a mini portable firepit with its solid pine base it can be placed on any surface without the fear of damage from the heat.
Manufactured from Anti rust 430 brushed stainless steel with solid pine base to protect the surface from heat
Weight: 10kg
Size;  470*290*385mm
Steel body manufactured from 1.2mm
Double wing top thickness 1.7mm
Door manufactured from 2.2mm thick steel