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Pro-Gas Canisters
Pro-Gas Canisters
Pro-Gas Canisters
Pro-Gas Canisters
Pro-Gas Canisters
Pro-Gas Canisters

Pro-Gas Canisters - 85% Butane / 15% Propane



PRO-GAS Canisters

85% Butane / 15% Propane

Rich Performance Butane Camping Gas.

227g Net (400ml)

UN2037 Compliant


Advanced blend of Butane and Propane fuel, for a more reliable and efficient burn.

Spare gas canisters are compatible with both our portable camping stove and portable outdoor heater/cooker.

Compared to 100% butane fuel which does not vaporise under -2 degrees, PRO-Gas vaporizes well at lower temperatures and provides enough vapour pressure for adequate performance at colder temperatures, due to the 85% butane / 15% propane high performance mix.

Pro-Gas gas canisters are ideal for outdoor adventures such as camping, fishing and hiking. Featuring a high-grade, multi-purpose fuel for a variety of uses, including camp stoves, heaters, weed burners, and BBQs, our camping gas provides a reliable and efficient fuel source.

Self-sealing valve giving them all the advantages of being resealable – so they can be disconnected and reconnected even when they’re not empty. 

Please make sure your appliance is set in the off position before connecting, to prevent gas leakages when connecting.

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Number of canisters

4x canisters, 8x canisters, 12x canisters, 28x canisters